Julie Rose Rahbek, b. 1992 in Aarhus, Denmark. Based in Glasgow Scotland and Copenhagen, DK


2017 -2021 BA of honours Glasgow School of Art, Dept. Fine Art Photography 

2016-2017 Art School, Spektrum, Copenhagen

2011-2012 Art school, Skolen for Kunst og design, Aarhus

2020 55.852116_4.67951 Group exhibition under the motorway in Tradston, Glasgow, Scotland UK

2020 "Goose Chase" GSA 3rd year fine art photography exhibition, Studio pavilion and House for an art lover, Glasgow, Scotland UK

2020 12/02/20, four hour performative piece at Glasgow school of Art, Glasgow Scotland UK

2020 "we always had birds" GSA Fine art Photography film screening at CCA Glasgow, Scotland UK

2019 "A Potluck Collage" collaboration work and exhibition at Glasgow school of Art, Glasgow Scotland UK

2019 2nd year fine Art photography exhibition, WASPS studios Glasgow, Scotland UK

2018, “IMG_1” GSA 1st year exhibition, 16 Nicholson Street, Glasgow, Scotland UK

2018, “call it home” GY Open House Arts Festival, Glasgow, Scotland

2016  Flid Design Bazaar and Art Auction  for the Danish Refugee Council, Hus Ø, Copenhagen Denmark

2015  Selected collage work, Solo Exhibition, Pavillion No. 11. Copenhagen, Denmark

2015  Solo Exhibition, Rudersdal Kommune, Denmark

2014 “My environment” Group exhibition Gallery KBH Kunst, Copenhagen Denmark

2014  Solo Exhibition, Kaffe, Copenhagen Denmark


2020 4p71L, printed zine project made with Mae Mackenzie 

2020 Random Access, printed group zine

2019 Nothing comes from nothing, printed zine

2017  Band Vinyl cover and poster, Female Forest

2016 “Foreningen Netsværmer” Zine Project, Copenhagen Denmark

2014  Artwork poster, “Spredt” ForestillingFem Copenhagen Denmark

Teaching a collage workshop at the School of Art and Design in Aarhus in July 2021