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Found Frames a project coming from the idea of finding empty frames on the street. I weave on them, and the frames transform into looms. In the end the loom returns as a frame, just now for the weaving. The concept is simple, however the end expression is determined by the found frames size, color and material. A cooperation between the weaving and the found object, and consequently a piece that can not be replicated.

My weaving process has developed as I have taught myself over the past few years into leaving intentional gaps and voids within the completed weaving.

I see the process much like drawing or painting, but one where I can not paint over or erase. The process of weaving is linear, I must follow on from what I have done before, I follow the grid and can not go back.

Unlike traditional weaving the pieces are intended to be kept on the loom and in turn the frame from which the were made, forever suspended. I see it as the weaving and the frame coexist.

 I photographed Found Frames by placing them back where I found them, in their original location, the place where I first encountered the object.

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